Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ratha ja chali ja chaka

Ratha ja chali ja chaka gadi ja re
Film: Nuabou (1962)
Singer: Swayamprabha Sarangi
Music: Balakrushna Dash
Video: YouTube

Swayangprabha Sarangi sings 'Ratha Ja Chali Ja Chaka...' in Odia ...
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Swayangprabha Sarangi sings 'Ratha Ja Chali Ja Chaka...' in Odia Movie 'Nuabou ...

  • Surya Deo There’s a fine line between getting inspired by the work of another person and plagiarizing it, sadly odia film industry seems unashamed in crossing that line repetitively. Shame and fame when that goes together makes an imperfect mix. Copying, stealing and remaking without the knowledge of the original makers is a blatant plagiarism, and these maniacs have no shame at all. I can put one example an odia film NUABOU released in 1962 , fetched president award was a remake of bangla film ramer sumati. but in nuabou u can find the odia cult, heritage, tradidition, rituals too. That u can say that was an inspiration. but my dear all , can we say odia film lofar was an inspired version of telugu film happy? unfortunately i saw the frame to frame cut paste in lofar.

  • Surya Deo Prasanta Patnaik: prasant bhai u can explain the matter batter since u were involved in publicity of nua bou, jeeban sathi and many more odia film of that era. the story jeeban sathi was borrowed from madhumati. but we cant say that that was a remake or copy paste film. now a days why this decadence?

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  1. is the song available...if so I am interested to get it...:)